Instructions for Enrolling Online

Online students may take courses to achieve a diploma, Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies, and Master of Biblical Studies. Our objective is not to offer quick degrees; it is to honor our commitment to accuracy and excellence.

A specified number of credit hours is required for each level of certification. Please refer to our Course Catalog to obtain the required subjects and prerequisites for the particular level of study you are interested in pursuing.

Our application process involves a Student Application Packet that must be mailed to our Administrative Office. The packet will contain the following items:

Student Handbook Verification Form

Student Application Form

Student Application Fee

Copy of High School Diploma or Equivalent

Step 1

Read the Student Handbook in its entirety. The Student Handbook is designed to inform our students of policy and procedures.

Step 2

Download (click here), print, and complete the STC Bible College Student Handbook Verification Form.

Step 3

Please download (click here), print, and complete the Student Application Form.

Step 4

Our Student Application Fee is $10.00. This fee must be paid with certified check, personal check, or money order (no cash, please).

Step 5

In order to issue a degree, our office is required to have on file proof of the applicant’s high school graduation or the equivalent. Include a copy of your High School Diploma or Equivalent in the Student Application Packet.

Step 6

Mail the completed Student Application Packet and application fee to:

STC Bible College
Administrative Office 
P.O. Box 906
Thomasville, North Carolina 27361-0906